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  • PCP and FBR Staff Visits PCNC Manila, Philippines
    PCP has always been enthusiastic to learn from successful programs of other countries and share its experiences with other organizations. With this objective of learning from others, a 6 member delegation led by Ms. Shazia Amjad, Executive Director, More

  • PCP Corporate Philanthropy Awards ceremony
    PCP Corporate Philanthropy Awards ceremony Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) is an independent, non-profit support organization with the founding vision that the three sectors of society business, civil society and the Government work together More

  • Philanthropy Matters 2015 Spring Issues

    Philanthropy Matters is a bi-annual newsletter of Pakistan Center for Philanthropy. It aims to provide news about the current projects and future activities and future activities of PCP. The effort is directed towards improving the understandi More

  • Assessment of Local Support Organizations (LSOs)
    Ms. Shazia Maqsood Amjad (Executive Director PCP) and Mr. Abdul Malik (General Manager AKRSP) mark the day as Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) enters into an agreement with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) for Assessment of LSOs.

  • Global Donors Forum 2014
    In his address at this year event in Washington, the Chairman of the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), Dr. Lakha highlighted the importance of Philanthropy for nation building. He traced the roots of systemized philanthropy in Islam and enlight More

Download LSO Assessment Application Form

Local Support Organisations (LSOs) are a mix of community based organisations working for the empowerment of communities. LSO is a supra organisation of COs (Community Organisations) and VOs (Village Organisation) of a particular union council. LSOs are different from regular NGOs in terms of their working structure and are usually small sized organisations lacking institutional capacity and requiring more support to strengthen their activities. Therefore, for assessment of LSOs, PCP has developed a customized LSO Evaluation Tool. LSO assessment tool has been tried and tested in Gilgit Baltistan and KPK. Pakistan. LSOs are assessed in areas of Democratic Governance, Management Capacity, Networking & Volunteerism, Effectiveness & Impact and Sustainability.

Submitting an Application for LSO Assessment

Before a LSO applies for assessment to PCP, following pre-conditions are to be met:
  • Proof of LSO Registration
  • Annual audit report (at least one year)
  • Functional for at least on year
  • Payment of fee for evaluation
Once the pre-conditions are met, an LSO can then apply to PCP through a formal application form. Following further steps are involved in the assessment process after an application becomes complete upon fulfillment of the above pre-conditions.

PCP Evaluation Process

  • Desk review of submitted documents
  • Case assignment to an evaluation team
  • Field visit to program area and head office of the LSO
  • Preparation of evaluation report
  • Present report to Panel and final decision about grading of LSO

PCP’s Evaluation adds value:

Once evaluated, an LSO will get PCP accreditation award. The evaluation report shared with LSO will comprise detailed recommendations for improvements. A good grade achieved by an LSO will ensure that the LSO is competitive and its systems are transparent. The evaluation will also increase the trust of community towards the LSO working.